damageck Damage Checklist - Welcome Home Beach

Special Problems of Unoccupied Properties All Too Real

It’s nice to believe that when you close on the purchase of a vacation home in coastal Delaware, you can look forward to years of a safe investment plus family fun and precious memories.

Unfortunately, absentee ownership also comes with unavoidable headaches. Some are unique to the beach where severe winds, salt air, sub-zero temperatures and occasional tidal flooding are common; others are true of unoccupied property anywhere. Welcome Home offers you the joy of owning a vacation home without the worries. Here is a list of a few actual issues our service discovered and thwarted before major damage or theft occurred.

  • Exterior door leading to the home’s interior found wide open
  • Roof leaked into an interior ceiling and wall
  • Exterior shower pipes not winterized
  • Unlocked windows discovered
  • Flood vent found inoperable
  • Roof shingles missing after storm
  • Mold on HVAC ceiling vent discovered
  • Exterior flower box damaged from vandalism – police alerted
  • Heat mistakenly left off in mechanical room
  • Pipes and electrical ceiling penetrations unsealed allowing critter and insect access
  • Holes found in soffit screen, another critter access point
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • Siding missing


We have had only a positive experience with Welcome Home at the beach. They check on our home when we are not there to make sure everything is working as it should. When we decide on short notice to arrive there, Welcome Home sets our thermostat for our comfort and makes sure our water is turned on. Their associate Stephen is extremely personable and courteous. We have nothing but praise for Welcome Home services.

Jim and Charlotte